Hadoop User Group - UK Oct 13th

Well, I hope to make it to the Hadoop User Group UK meeting in London tomorrow - but I am suffering from a cold. I hope to see you there, but am not sure whether I will be well enough. Booo.


By the way - the HUGUK mailing list is moving to Meetup.com
You still need to register with Skillsmatter for events at Skillsmatter offices...


Hadoop User Group - UK

As usual. I intend to be at the Hadoop User Group UK meeting in London next week. Here is the original announcement from Dan Harvey.

Now the summer break is drawing to a close we're got our September
meetup coming up. It's going to be on the 8th September at
SkillsMatter again with the theme for the evening being on the hadoop
ecosystem. This has evolved quite a bit since we last met and has
sparked quite a bit of discussion.

We've got two talks arranged for the evening :-

- Dan Harvey will start with a talk on the "State of the Hadoop ecosystem"


Syntax Highlighter for Drupal

There is a rather cool little library that I think should be more widely used: The Syntax Highlighter from Alex Gorbatchev. ( https://github.com/alexgorbatchev/SyntaxHighlighter )

It helps when you want to include little snippets of code, xml, html, php, java, shell, whatever in your web pages. There is a separate Drupal module ( http://drupal.org/project/syntaxhighlighter ) which makes it very easy to use.

Here is an example from their demo page...It is an example of an html page.

Spring Roo Tutorial: LongURL, Part 1

A little while back I needed to create a simple server to supply some information to some local machines, and cache that information. I realised that it was probably a project I could use Spring Roo to great effect, and that it was simple enough to provide the basis for a tutorial. Here is that Tutorial

Java and XML

This article is kind of like "Meta Research". I'm not going to tell you how to process XML in Java, I'm just going to point you at some other cool tutorials which do. These are all by Lars Vogel. I strongly recommend his training material for its clarity.

Since the dawn of time (well since I started to process XML) there have been two styles of loading XML, and one main style of writing it. You either loaded up the whole file into memory (through "DOM" - the Document Object Model), or if you were fancy, or worried about running out of memory, you used SAX - the amusingly named "Simple API for XML".

Well I was interested to read Lars Vogel say "Both DOM and Sax are older API's and I recommend not to use them anymore.". He is of course saying that a number of techniques introduced in JDK 1.5 and 1.6 are now better than the old ways.

Spring Roo Add Ons: Typical Security

Spring Roo Add Ons: Typical Security

The idea behind Spring Roo is that you tell it what you want, and it gives you a Java and Spring framework for developing such a tool. Typically the app you are building is a website (though it doesn't have to be).

One of the most common features of a web application framework is some kind of role based permissioning mechanism. As well as the ability to store users details, we also want to store jobs (or "Roles") that users might do, and record which users are authorised for which roles.