Hadoop Book review:Instant MapReduce Patterns – Hadoop Essentials How-to

Well, I said I would review this book but I have been putting it off. I just don't think I can do it justice. I did not really like this book but I can't properly say what is wrong with it.

The title of the book is the first problem

"Instant MapReduce Patterns – Hadoop Essentials How-to"

Now when I see "MapReduce Patterns" I was really expecting design patterns. Logical algorithms for how to do various tasks with MapReduce algorithms. I was expecting something like the Gang Of Four book on Design Patterns. That isn't what this book is.

It is much more of a cook book. It tries to explain the word count app (Do we really need to see that explained yet again?), writing a formatter, how to generate some analytics, how to do a join like a relational DB, some set operations, cross correlation, how to build a search index, and how to do some graph operations. and finally how to do a Kmeans algorithm with Hadoop MapReduce.

(This is all in Java by the way - no help for other languages).

So we actually have a cookbook. But one which repeats things incessantly and doesnt really give you the insight as to what you are doing. Yes there are some diagrams but they are poorly explained or unhelpful.

If you need to write Java MapReduce code and you want something to copy, this might be for you. But dont expect it to give you all the answers.

Title: Instant MapReduce Patterns – Hadoop Essentials How-to
Author: Srinath Perera
Publisher: www.PacktPub.com